General Luna Road is a busy thoroughfare that runs parallel to Session Road. It intersects with Magsaysay Avenue at the Central Business District and ends as it merges with Leonard Wood Road and Brent Road. This is the route taken by public utility jeeps going to Pacdal and Teachers Camp passing through Happy Glenn Loop and Aguinaldo Park.

From Magsaysay Avenue, the road is almost a 45 degree incline all the way pass Assumption Road where it levels off as you reach UB House on your left and St. Louis Center on your right. But that incline is the fašade of commercial establishments on both sides of the road.

The left side starts with the fašade of the New Tiong San Building. It has a restaurant at this side of the road. A hotel and a shopping arcade, which goes down all the way to Rajah Soliman and Lapu-Lapu Street, follow this. Apartment buildings and a dormitory and a Master Hopia outlet follow the shopping arcade. And then the start of the UB complex with leased out commercial spaces at the road level up where the road intersects with Assumption Road.

The right side of Gen. Luna Road starts with a building that houses PS Savings Bank with professional offices at its upper level. As you go up the incline, you will pass through a line of shoe repair shops that have expanded to make to order boots aside from troubleshooting old shoes. And then Pines Barbershop where I used to have my hair repaired every time my PMT officer in high school messes up my hair. Right at that point would be an alley that goes down to Perfecto Street where Sagada Lunch is. It would be a line of small shops shoe repair, beauty parlors and school supplies who also provide typewriting services for those who are in a rush to submit term papers, until you reach the corner where the road branches out to Mabini Street.

Right before you reach the corner will be a movie theatre and Go Chu's Hardware store. There will be a park cum barangay office at the island that branches out to Mabini Street. As you go further up, is the vacant lot owned by Cojuangco, which is being used as a parking area. They may have built a building on this lot by this time. After this lot are private residential buildings until the corner of Assumption Road. The block between Assumption Road and the road that goes to Notre Dame Hospital is part of the UB complex where FRB Building and UB House are located.

At the right side of the road is the St. Louis school compound. Before this became the UB house, it was the summer residence of my grand uncle. When we were going to school, this was the place where we play and dine while out of school and waiting for the school bus to pick us up. This was the place where I picked flowers to give to a girlfriend to the consternation of the gardener. At the back of this house is Notre Dame de Lourdes Hospital. I am not sure if this hospital still exist to this day. It may have ceased operation.

As you go further down is the St. Louis Laboratory School. The residential house that follows it has also been converted into a pre-school. The upper end of Bonifacio Street follows this building. Next you will see the Bishops Residence to your right and a pre-school to your left where the road branches out. The left branch turns downhill towards Happy Glenn Loop and Jungle Town while the right branch extends upward to where it will exit to Session Road at the post office loop. St. Stephen's Lutheran Church is also located at this junction.

Happy Glenn Loop is home to UB's elementary department right in front of that open space that was landscaped as a park. This is the Aguinaldo Park. There is also an office and residential condominium with the ground floor being used as BENECO's main collection center in the City. Adjacent to it is Des Bautista's restaurant where my father used to play bridge with his cohorts. The restaurant's specialty is seafoods although they serve the usual Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata. It is one of the recommended places to dine while in Baguio. As you go further up the road, the row of houses that you will see is still the same old houses. This is one place that has not yet been touched by new developments. Or at least until you reach the end of the road where it connects to Leonard Wood Road.

P.Q.B. January 16, 1999

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