At the junction where Magsaysay Avenue branches out to the left going northbound the branch of the road going east is Bonifacio Street. It starts right after the access road to Dangwa terminal. Another overpass was built at this point for pedestrians wanting to get across the other side of Magsaysay Avenue where the jeeps plying the La Trinidad route are parked beside the Rabbit sinkhole.

Beside the stairwell of this overpass is a narrow building, which occupies the lot adjacent to the access road, leading to Garden Theater. This access road is used by the passenger jeepneys plying the New Lucban-Brookside route. The building houses a surveyor's office as well as a law office on its upper floor. The ground floor is a commercial space leased to an Indian trader.

The road going to Garden Theater separates this building. Right across the street is a nonfunctioning Shell gasoline station. The opposite side of the road, after the extension that goes down T. Alonzo Street is a commercial building that is occupied by construction suppliers. Beside it is another commercial building that housed the Regional Office of the National Power Corporation aside from leased commercial spaces at the road level. The opposite side of the road, fronting these commercial shops and adjacent to the Shell Station is the Baguio Central University Building with the Baguio First Hotel next to it.

In between this block and the next is a Tabanda Caltex Station. The next block consist of an educational supply store and a dormitory facility, which caters to students at St. Louis University whose compound, starts right after the facility. The opposite side of Caltex Station is a commercial building that also houses business establishments that cater to the student market. There is Plakabar, which sells the latest pinoy rock hits, a fast foods counter, and a sandwich bar, a beauty parlor and educational supply stores.

Most of these establishments also double up as boarding rooms on their lower levels. Finally, the main entrance to St. Louis University School Complex will be reached. The stairwell leads to the main Diego Silang building then to the different school buildings beyond where they are interspersed within the campus. The Engineering & Architectural Building at the far left of Diego Silang. The P. Burgos Center and Gymnasium is located at its right. The whole acreage of the campus extends way up to what we referred to as Mt. Mary where the St. Louis Hospital of the Sacred Heart now stands.

Several business establishments have also sprouted in front of the main entrance to the school. There is an educational store, boarding houses, and eateries. This building also houses the Provincial Census and Statistics Office. There is a Shakey's Pizza Parlor also at this place. The Bautista Apartments that follow still remain to this day. Right after this is the hub that separates the old Lucban Road, and Caguioa Street to Bonifacio Street which makes a sharp turn to the right. Then the road again branches out to its left down to Rimando Road, which leads straight up to Aurora Hill district.

The right continues upwards to connect to Gen. Luna Road at the further end. Along this route will be a series of residential units converted into boarding houses. Hugging the right side of the road as it continues up are DZWT radio station and the dormitory facilities of the university. As we pass through the schools dormitory facilities, you would notice that at this point the road is running parallel to Gen. Luna Road although at a much lower elevation. In between this two roads at Bonifacio's right side could be seen the Notre Dame de Lourdes Hospital, and the St. Louis Laboratory High School. The left side of the road branches out again to Sumulong Drive, which leads to Holy Ghost barangay proper. Then the road merges with General Luna Road.

P.Q.B. February 21, 1999

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