Cut across the St. Louis University Campus from Bonifacio street and follow the path going up the hill and you will end up at the St. Louis Hospital of the Sacred Heart. The hospital uses Assumption Road as its main access. At the corner of the hospital gate is an alley that will provide pedestrians an easy route to Bonifacio Street below.

Beside this alley is UB Science High School building. Fronting the UB Science High building is an access road that leads to a row of apartment houses hugging the right side of the road. In this area is the headquarters of the Community Credit Union and Cooperative organized by Dr. Greg Rimas. Fronting it, along Assumption road sprawls Carl Estepa's row of apartments. Also beside this UB building is a commercial establishment which houses a radio station, DWMB.

Another apartment building follows that of the Estepa's, fronting a retreat house. While old residential houses occupy the left side of the road, the whole right side after these apartments is now occupied by the UB Complex, which spans the length up to General Luna Road.

Opposite General Luna Road, the corner houses a dental clinic in a private residence enclosed by a high concrete fence which separates it from the commercial building next to it. A Chinese merchant who sells a variety of goods from school supplies to canned goods occupies this building. The other store is a photo shop. Besides this building is another old residential house, which had been used as a dormitory. This house was were my high school classmate, Teddy Almonia once resided. Beside this old building is Radio Station DZHB.

After this radio station is a long row of apartments that runs until the building occupied by cozy nook. This row would have been demolished by now and probably replaced by new development. But when we were in high school, the first store at the corner in this long line of apartments is one owned by Mr. Beltran. During recess, we would run to this store to grab a piece of the turon that has made his store popular to students. The store was known for its turon and banana queue. Or we would go further down passing the line of apartments to Tesoro's where we would savor the tasty cinnamon breads or the chicken pie while ogling the girls up at SLU's Girls' High lining the school's perimeter for our view.

But of course when you are a bit loaded, after school hangout will be Cozy Nook as there would be a variety of Filipino entrees to choose from for pulutan. Besides this, you would have the chance to steal glances at the beautiful Yolanda, the owner's daughter who would be helping out in the register after school hours. As you go further down towards Session road, after Cozy Nook, there used to be a warehouse of Bacnotan Cement. So when you happen to pass by while trucks are unloading their haul of cement, your clothes will turn gray from the dust flying around. Later on, this place housed Prudential Bank while their building was still being constructed at the foot of Session Road. This place may have a different use by now.

The corner of this block is a hotel. It changed its name several times but I remember this hotel when it was Mecca Saad. It has a different name now. Assumption road at this juncture connects with Session road. The corner block is Lopez building at the right side of the road with Mandarin Restaurant at the upper level right after the access road that separates it to Mecca Saad Hotel. The shop at the road level is a small sandwich & pizza shop. The opposite block, which is the left side of the road, is the Bueno Building which houses Zenco Footsteps, a shoe store. At this point, the road merges with Session road.

P.Q.B. February 7, 1999

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