If you have been away from Baguio for quite sometime or have not seen the city as yet, perhaps you just might be wondering as to how it looks like at night. Well, the fifteen photographs portrayed below should give you a good idea as to what one sees in the downtown area just after sunset. Nothing really much has changed. Baguio is still the same old town I have always known since 1963 when I first came to the city. I was still a young bachelor then and had just joined the academic faculty of the Philippine Military Academy as a 2nd Lieutenant after a one-year tour of duty in Mindanao.

With an Olympus E-20P digital camera, I took the photographs during my recent visit to Baguio only last October (2003). My wife Nena and I were free one evening and decided to take an evening stroll just right after having supper at the Veniz Grill. I started clicking my camera as we left Veniz Hotel where we were billeted and then up and down Session Road where most of the bright neon signs were found. This was my very first time to do a photo shoot of the city at night and I wasn't sure if the photographs would come out okay. Had I only known earlier that the night photos would come out fine, I should have taken more pictures. Unluckily, it was already the last night of our 5-day visit to the city and we also had to hurry back to the hotel since there was a light shower that evening.

For those who are quite familiar with Baguio, you will be pleased to know that the Mandarin Restaurant, Luisa's Cafe, Rumours, Mido Inn & Restaurant, Pines Studio, Star Cafe, and Mercury Drug are still around after all these years. Along Session Road, there are newer establishments such as McDonald's, Chow King, and Jollibee. These restaurants were still not around when I left Baguio in 1987 to immigrate to the United States. You will surely be able to recognize all these business establishments in the photographs below.

Click on any of the "thumbnail images" below to view the photo in a larger size format.

Nena and I did find time to try once again eating out at Star Cafe and Luisa's Cafe. The Chinese food served at Star Cafe still tasted as good as it always has been, however, I did notice that the noodles (beef mami) served at Luisa's didn't taste as good as it used to. But most of all, I was really amazed to see a number of waiters at Star Cafe who still work there. One of the waiters was already working there when my daughter Tess was just a year old ... and she is now a mother to three kids and already 38 years old. Time does fly fast, doesn't it?

It was indeed nice to be back home to Baguio. I only regret that I didn't have time to stay much longer and visit some friends and former associates. I just was so busy trying to complete my intended photo shoot of Baguio. Anyway, I am sure there will still be another time ... and hopefully by then I could stay as long as I want.


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