It always seems to be a must for visitors from the lowland areas to visit the Baguio Public Market before leaving the city. The market is located right at the lower end of Session Road and behind the Maharlika Livelihood Center. It is here where different souvenirs typical of Baguio are found. There are also numerous other products and handicrafts sold at the Baguio public market which are brought in from other nearby provinces.

A wide variety of items are available such as fresh vegetables, strawberry jam, peanut brittle, dried tobacco, an assortment of fresh flowers, meat, Baguio sausages, fish, poultry, fruits, clothes and clothing material. You will also find native products and handicraft such as baskets, brooms, bags, brass, blankets & sweaters, woodcarving, and locally made jewelry. Fresh and sweet strawberries from nearby La Trinidad are sold at the market but these are available only on certain months of the year. From the province of Pangasinan, "bucayo" (coconut candy) and "bagoong" (salted fish or shrimp) may also be purchased.

During a recent visit to Baguio City, I spent a late afternoon going through the different sections of the public market ... looking around, observing the vendors and also the people who came to do their marketing. I just wanted to see what the market was like since my last visit over a year ago. Having been a former resident of the city for almost 25 years, I have always enjoyed accompanying my wife Nena to the market when she would find a need to buy some food items we needed at home. We would do this chore at least once a week and usually on weekends.

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The market has always been a fascinating sight with a beehive of activities going on and a place to just observe people as they go about their daily lives. Nothing much has really changed within the market. It still looked the same to me. And knowing that I would chance upon some familiar and interesting scenes at the market, I brought along my digital camera just to be sure that I would be able to record what I would see. And indeed, I took a number of photographs and would like to share what I saw. I hope you will enjoy looking at the photographs shown below.

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