During the third week of September in the year 2000, my wife Nena and I visited Baguio City and stayed for four days. We were fortunate enough to be guests of Des and Auring Bautista who are old friends of ours. We had the opportunity to stay at Iggy's Inn which the couple owns. The inn has been most convenient on our part since it served not only as our temporary residence while in Baguio but also as the base for all the trips and the different activities we had to attend to. The Bautistas were kind enough to take us to almost everywhere we wanted to go and see in the city. They have gone out of their way to make our visit as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible and we really appreciate what they have done for us. Without their valuable help, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish the numerous things I wanted to do during our brief stay in Baguio.

As I have always done in my previous visits, I took a number of photographs of the many different things I saw and also the people I met. I took pictures of different streets in the city, new and old buildings, familiar landmarks, parks, scenic views and landscapes. All the 40 color photographs that are portrayed below were the ones I selected from the many shots I took. I did try to visit as many places as I could to take pictures and share all these with others who would be interested to see it. And it is my hope that the portrayed photographs will give you a much clearer idea of how Baguio City looked when I came to visit it.

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Kennon Road. Session Road. Bridal Veil Falls. Traffic along Magsaysay Ave.
Baguio City Hall. The Lion's Head. Wright Park & Pool of Pines. Main gate of The Mansion.
Pines Theater along Session Road. Joggers at Burnham Park. Baguio General Hospital. Plaza Fair along Magsaysay Ave.
Sunshine grocery & Abanao Street. Row boats at Burnham Lake. Burnham Park promenaders. Stores & shops at Puso Ng Baguio.
Club John Hay golf course. Burnham Park & Lake. The lower part of Session Road. Session Road & Mabini Street.
John Hay golf clubhouse. Magazine & newspaper stall. Phil National Bank (Baguio). Middle part of Session Road.
Baguio folk at People's Park. Mabini Street. The lower part of Session Road. Calderon Street & Session Road.
Jollibee's along Magsaysay Ave. Stairway up to Wright Park. Tiong San Store along Magsaysay. Pony rides near Pacdal Circle.
Harrison Road. Maryknoll Sisters Bio-Center Bldg. Covered pedestrian walkways. The Baguio Public Market.
A view of Mt. Santo Tomas People's Park pedestrian walkway. Passenger jeepneys at Chanum St. Patria de Baguio at Session Road.
Laperal Bldg & Session Theater. Iggy's Inn along South Drive. Rental bicycles at Burnham Park. Newspaper stall at Session Rd.
Below & behind the Lion's Head. Middle part of Session Road. New cottage at Club John Hay. Assumption Road.
Cottages among the pines. Middle part of Session Rd. McDonald's and Skyworld. Loakan Road.
BPI & Piltel buildings. Rizal Park view of Burnham. Kayang Street. Baguio Post Office stairway.
Igorot huts at Maryknoll Park. Victory Liner station, Gov Pack Rd. Plaza Theater near People's Park. Upper part of Session Road.